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Posted on: April 22nd, 2013 by Dawn 2 Comments

I’ve been wanting to share some illustrations that I did for a city map in the latest issue of Shipshape magazine, and I thought, what better way to share them with you than to quiz some brave Bristolians! Some of these will be easier than others, but have a go and see if you can identify these different Bristol landmarks and hotspots. Leave a comment below, if you’re feeling confident! I’ll post the answers shortly.

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2 Responses

  1. Mark Clifford says:

    Hi Dawn,

    Just thought I would check out what you’ve been working on of late, and it all looks very impressive. You must have had a really industrious few months!

    I never pass on the opportunity to take part in a quiz involving buildings (although they don’t come along that often if I’m honest!)

    1 St Peters Church, 2 @Bristol, 3 Bonded warehouse Cumberland Basin, 4 Clifton Arcade, 5 Old Vic Theatre, 6 Cabot Tower, West of England Academy Art, 8 Arnolphini, 9 M Shed, 10 Cabot Circus, 11 Colston Hall, 12 SS GB, 13 Wills Building, 14 Tobacco Factory, 15 St Mary Redcliffe, 16 Temple Meads, 17 Clifton Suspension Bridge.

    You’ve managed to make two of my most disliked Bristol buildings look good (W of E Arts Academy/Cabot Circus)

    Hope you’re well


    • Dawn says:

      Wow! I’m very flattered that you were able to interpret my wonky drawings – 17 out of 17! Well done Mark, and thank you for the very lovely comments x